Win $350 in the Southern Fall-tastic Giveaway

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Fall is my favorite season – I love everything about it – pumpkin flavored everything, pretty clothes, cooler weather, football and the beautiful colors. Do you love fall too? Well let me give you one more reason to love it….the Southern Fall-tastic Giveaway!



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Enter to win $350 cash via Paypal.

Complete the tasks below to earn entries into this giveaway. One lucky winner will win $350 cash- Good Luck!

The giveaway will end October 13th. It is open internationally and you must be 18+ only.

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Well That’s Freaking Cool Friday

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Welcome back to Well That’s Freaking Cool Friday – a roundup of my top five things I have seen this week.

I am really digging everyone’s fall projects so there’s a few of those this week. Right now I am a sucker for anything gold which is a big change for me. And anyone who knows me knows I am a big elephant lover! My college mascot was an elephant (Roll Tide ;-) and I hope to go to Thailand one day to work on an elephant reserve for a week or so.

This week you have a little bit of everything so let’s get to it…

Freaking Cool Friday - Any Girl Can Do It

Industrial Decor Coffee Table

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Getting Started and Lessons Learned

I have wanted to build my industrial coffee table for months but I was in the middle of my den makeover. Now that it is in the room I am excited to share it with you. I am excited to share it, not just because I love it, but if you learn from my mistakes you can make this industrial decor table in no time at all. Trust me I made enough mistakes on this project for the both of us – and enough to make this into a two-part post!! Come back next Wednesday to get all the tips on finishing up your table.

industrial decor coffee table - Any Girl Can Do It


To be perfectly honest one of the reasons the table has waited so long was because of cost. When I priced out the plumbing pipe at a local big box store it was going to be about $120 just for the plumbing pipe! Ouch! I mean it’s still cheaper than buying an industrial coffee table retail but I didn’t want to sink a lot into making one of my own. So I found and my cost problem was solved! I got the pipe for about $55 online – less than half of the big box store… and that includes shipping!

Proud to Be #SoMe2 Featured Blogger

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Woo hoo! I was stoked to find out I was the featured blogger for this week’s #SoMe2 – THE social media link party! I was especially excited because this is the girls’ first anniversary celebration and the week they add three new co-hosts oh… AND the week they are changing the format! How freaking cool is that!?!?!?
I love Kim over at {enjoy the view} and DeDe at Designed Decor and I am looking forward to getting to know the new co-hosts better as well. Why don’t you come along for the ride and party with us!!!!!

Come join the Social Media Link Party!!It’s the #SoMe2 1st Anniversary Celebration!!!


It’s difficult to believe that it’s been a year since DeDe and I started the #Some2 party – but here we are – and we’re bringing you what we think are some fabulous new changes! We’ve added three new hostesses, and we’re slightly changing the way we’re linking up each week. What this means for you is BIGGER party and MORE engagement – YAY!!! Sooooo…

Welcome to #SoMe2 – Week #52!!

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 Each week we will link a different Social Media platform and post from that platform.
This week we are growing and engaging with Facebook!!


 If you want to GROW your SOcial MEdia channels and GROW your engagement,
This is the party for you! 
The more you put in to this SOcial MEdia link party, the more you will get out!
Don’t link and run – share-comment-pin-like and tell your friends!
#SoMe2 is a SOcial MEdia link party where we link up 2 items every Tuesday @ 7:00pm EST
We’re pleased to introduce our #SoMe2 featured blogger of the week…
Stacy from Any Girl Can Do It!!


Stacy has shared this with us:
Any Girl Can Do It is a blog written to prove to women that they can DIY, craft, organize and much more. Stacy shows readers that not every project is perfect and shows the pitfalls along with the awesome results. She feels strongly that women should be empowered to be the best version of themselves, not the best version of a perfect stereotype. At Any Girl Can Do It you will get everything from industrial decor to football 101 and all the good stuff in between!


Thanks, Stacy!!


Would you like to be a #SoMe2 featured blogger?

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Showing Some Love On Our Second Anniversary

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10 Reasons I Love My Husband

Today is our second wedding anniversary. We were supposed to celebrate last weekend but this picture should give you an idea of where we celebrated.


Honestly we need a new tradition – last year on our first anniversary I was sick, not hospital type sick but sick, and then for our second anniversary the hubs was in the hospital. I am hoping to break the pattern before next September!!!

I made him a really cool “traditional” anniversary gift that I will be bringing to you soon (I haven’t been able to give it to him yet). Keep in mind that the traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton;-)

10 Things I love About My Husband on our Second Anniversary

In the everyday life that is marriage often it is easier to pick apart each other and point out each other’s faults. But not today. Today I want to salute the man I married by sharing with you part of who he is.

Well That’s Freaking Cool Friday

Welcome back to Well That’s Freaking Cool Friday – a roundup of my top five things I have seen this week. I don’t know about where you live, but in NC it has cooled off some and the mornings and evenings really feel like fall. I freaking love fall – it’s definitely my favorite time of the year.

The hubs and I were talking about this the other day – if you could live somewhere that had your perfect version of weather every day, would you miss the seasons? Neither of us would if it was like fall every day!!!

So this week’s projects are all about fall….

Well That's Freaking Cool Friday - Any Girl Can Do It

Can You Burn Candles In Your Plumbing Pipe?

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Can you burn candles in your plumbing…pipe? I can! You all know I love a good industrial or plumbing pipe project and I have some more great ones coming for you. Today I am bringing you an easy, yet stylish, one.

plumbing pipe candle holder - Any Girl Can Do It

You may have seen my Industrial Dining Room Reveal – well ever since I made over that room I have wanted a plumbing pipe candelabra for the table. Well… a couple of things you should know here …. one almost exactly like mine sells for $119 on Etsy! Yep…$119! And you can do it for about $19 by ordering online!

Industrial, My Fave Decor Trend, on Hometalk

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I am seriously in love with the industrial chic/industrial farmhouse décor style and so I was super excited when Hometalk asked me to curate an Industrial Décor board for them.

Hometalk Industrial Decor Board -

Whoa…wait… did you just say ‘what is Hometalk?’ Oh my, you really need to check it out….

Hometalk is the largest home and garden “knowledge hub” on the web. It’s a great place to digitally “clip” all of those photos and articles for later. You have “boards” where you put your “clips.” For example I have boards for crafts to try, furniture, gardening and… wait for it… wait for it… Industrial Décor.

What One Computer Did To My Den

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What a difference a contest entry can make! I entered Up To Date Interiors giveaway for a free e-design room makeover from the wonderful Kathy and to my surprise and delight I won. Now I have redone just about every room in our little 1,300 square foot ranch style house but I was stumped on what to do with the den which is of course the largest and most used room in the

I sent Kathy pictures of the room – told her about the styles I like and she took it from there. Here is the inspiration board she sent me.

Inspiration Board -

She stuck with my love of industrial farmhouse and gave me a few ideas (while utilizing as many of the items I already had) and then gave me suggestions for moving around my furniture. Look she even included replicas of the two paintings of my doggies!