Industrial Paper Towel Holder In 5 Minutes

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Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

When we moved into our house almost three years ago we redid our kitchen. It wasn’t a total makeover – we kept the 1970s solid wood cabinets and the lawful layout but got new paint (after stripping five layers of wallpaper border), new flooring, countertops, and new appliances. At that time I hung this paper towel holder. It was cheap and didn’t take up our valuable counter space.

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

Can you guess what the problem is? The paper towel rolls won’t roll. And yes for some weird reason – let’s call it laziness – I have put up with this, and the white flakes that come off the paper towels when they won’t turn, for three years.

One day I just had enough and headed to the store to look for a new holder. I had a V-8 moment in the store – you know that moment where you smack yourself in the head and grumble ‘duh’?

Those of you who have been to the site before know I love a good industrial or plumbing pipe project (Hand towel holder, candle holder, coffee table) so I made my own paper towel holder and hung it in just about five minutes!

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

Here’s what you need:

1 flange

1 90 degree elbow

1 5″ nipple (you could probably use a 3″ but I used a 5″ take a look and see how far down you want yours to hang)

1 12″ nipple (yep that’s what the pieces of pipe are called and yes it makes me chuckle too)

1 tee

I used 3/4″ pipe because I thought the 1/2″ looked too small and the 1″ looked too big. Don’t you love that logic? I got all of my plumbing pipe online from Essential Hardware cheaper than buying at a local big box but for a small piece like this the price difference won’t be drastic so go out and get your supplies now if you can’t wait! I painted mine because I wanted the holder to blend with my kitchen but you could easily leave the silver galvanized look.

OK…get ready… these DIY instructions are complicated…just kidding!

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

1. Screw the 5″ nipple into the flange.

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

2. Screw elbow onto the 5″ nipple.

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -


3. Screw the 12″ nipple into the other end of the elbow.

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

4. Screw tee onto the 12″ nipple.

Then mount the paper towel holder under the cabinet.

Unscrew the tee and put your paper towels on. Done! And guess what?!?!? It works! Woo hoo!

Industrial Paper Towel Holder -

Have you ever made anything out of plumbing pipe? I am always looking for new ideas!

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Go Blog Trick Or Treating And Get The Good Stuff

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Trick or treat…smell my feet…give me something good to read! Huh? Yep it’s time to go Blog Trick or Treating.

First stop is Any Girl Can Do It where we give you the good kind of tricks and all sorts of treats. Recently I built an Industrial Style Coffee Table  and shared with you all the tricks to avoid the mistakes I made. But when you come to my blog home I want you to think about all of the blog treats you get.

When I was growing up I always went Trick or Treating in my grandmother’s neighborhood because I didn’t live in a neighborhood myself. It was an extra bonus that her neighborhood was known for giving out the good candy – small candy bars and stuff like that not gum and Smarties. Kids from outside the neighborhood would Trick or Treat by the car full, van full or in a packed pick-up truck bed.

I want Any Girl Can Do It to be known as one of the ‘candy bar’ houses – where you get all the good treats.

These are the goodies we hand out at Any Girl Can Do It –

trick or treat promo

Here are a few other blogs to visit that I think hand out some really good blog candy!

Wetherills Say I Do – Madison hands out good wholesome but very sweet candy. She is just one of the sweetest girls around. Her blog is a faith-based lifestyle blog. She hands out everything from DIY, to spiritual, to marriage advice, and photography tips.

The Refined Relic – All pure and homemade candy here. Renee doles out wonderful stories that are inspired by faith and family. She has a beautiful home to make her goodies in ;-)

Up To Date Interiors – Kathy, who is anything but a witch, holds an annual Witches Tea with her girlfriends. Expect Glenda the Good Witch when you go trick or treating at her house.

Delineate Your Dwelling - Amy is going to be giving out stylish, homemade bags filled with shiny treats. Her projects are great and super stylish.

The Bold Abode - Be careful at this stop if you scare easily ;-) I am guessing with Gwen’s personality she is going to be the one to dress up and scare the pants off of you for a good laugh when you knock on her door. That said it would totally be worth it to get some of her brightly colored candy. No boring stuff here.

There are other houses in our bloggy neighborhood that give out some pretty good candy too. Take a look around, knock on a few doors. The good thing about Trick or Treating in the bloggy neighborhood is that the porch light is always on.

Happy Halloween!

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One Soft Second Anniversary Gift

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My husband, Chris, and I recently celebrated our second anniversary. When we got married I decided I wanted to give the traditional anniversary gifts each year.

Second Anniversary Gift - Any Girl Can Do It

How does this look for a traditional gift? Well I am not a very traditional girl trying to give traditional gifts to my very traditional husband!

Second Anniversary = Cotton

You’ve all seen the diaper cakes for baby showers, right? I used the same principle using toilet paper – Cottonelle – instead.

I just stacked it until it looked good. I used

1 roll – top layer

3 rolls – second layer

5 rolls – third layer

7 rolls – fourth layer

I tied the rolls of each layer together with ribbon we had left over from our carnival themed wedding.

Carnival Themed Wedding - Any Girl Can Do It


October Reminds Me Of My Greatest Fear

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I’m in a dark room save for one bright overhead light. It’s a weird light and I’ve seen one like it somewhere before. I struggle to focus and to place where I have seen that light. It’s unique – definitely not a light in my home. Where have I seen it? Where am I? As I struggle to figure out where I am, my mind wanders. As it goes in a million different directions, racing, something fleshy and pink quickly into focus.

Holy crap – it’s a giant boob, yep a breast, a woman’s breast, full and round. What the…?  But wait there is something else shining in the bright light that is still shining in the background. What is it? I struggle to sit up but I can’t, it’s like I am heavy as lead. I squint my already closed eyes trying to see the shiny object and at that moment realize what it is – a needle…long and silver. My mind struggles to put together all the images that I am seeing – or am I? My eyes are closed. Wait…how am I seeing all of this? Better yet, why am I seeing all of this?

Biggest fear -

Simple Embroidered Handkerchiefs

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As part of a traditional second anniversary gift to my husband, I made a couple of embroidered handkerchiefs for him.

Simple Embroidered Handkerchiefs -

I got these handkerchiefs at Dollar Tree. There were three in a pack so you can imagine how thin these are. If I thought these were going to actually get used for their intended purpose or if I was going to sell them I would use a thicker hankie.

A Day of Annoyances

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You know those little (or big) things that you walk by every day and think ‘I need to fix that?’ Those things that just annoy the ever living crap out of you? Yeah me too!

day of annoyances -

Well I’ve decided to do something about those things and have planned our first Day of Annoyance! Yep I know sounds like a lot of fun, right? Ummm not hardly … but it needs to be done.

I started by making a list of Small Annoyances and Bigger Annoyances as I noticed them or thought about them.

small annoyances

Small Annoyances are just that… small – things I can fix in a few minutes, definitely less than an hour. I’ve decided that I will do one or two of these a week rather than using our Day of Annoyances for these things.

Halloween Wreath That Easily Transforms For Fall

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And Why I Am Not Going All Out For Fall

I have to tell you with no kids at home and no grandkids yet I am not a big Halloween person. I have a few little décor pieces that I might… or might not… put out each year. Well this year I was inspired by Delineate Your Dwelling’s green wreath and The Refined Relic’s purple tablescape to make wreaths out of the non-traditional colors. And yep – you read correctly… wreaths as in plural. I have double front doors. I thought it was cool when we looked at the house but then the reality of double wreath costs brought me quickly to reality.

Easy Halloween Wreath -

The criteria I used in deciding what kind of Halloween wreath to make was 1) I wanted to use bright green and purple and maybe some orange. 2) It had to be quick and easy. 3) I had to be able to transform it into a fall wreath not just one used for Halloween.

I Freaking Love Fall

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Fall renews me. It is my favorite season. The air is crisp and the breeze makes you wrap your arms around yourself, hugging the warmth of your body to warm your soul.

There’s not much I don’t love about fall. I would say the only downside is the days get shorter but that is a small price to pay for the best weather, the most fabulous colors, the prettiest clothes, wonderful flavors and….football!

Fall Foliage

fall fence

Photo courtesy of Pat Boyle