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4K USB C to DP Cable for Home Office MEISO 6FT GoldPlated Braided Type C to DisplayPort Cord4K60Hz 2K165Hz Compatible with MacBook Pro MacBook Air Surface iPad XPS1513 Phones and More HDMI Cables Galaxy DDAWI7xRb



  • Product Code:DDAWI7xRb
  • Availability:In Stock

Found in 2016, we are dedicated to researching and producing high-quality cables for everyday use in offices and homes. We understand the needs of our customers and use the latest technology to meet and exceed the ever-demanding needs of the market. Our mission is to develop and produce innovative & high-end products that are cost-effective with reliable quality and quick lead-time while offering a friendly service to our customers.

Thoughtfully designed with attention to detail.

4K smart USB type-c to DP converter cable

We combine a braided cloth cover with gold-plated ends and 4 standard QC programs to ensure it fully supports the 21.6Gbps.The cable COMPLY WITH VESA STANDARDS MEISO USB-C to DisplayPort cable is designed to elevate your audio-visual experience. With 21.6Gbps transfer speedit can provide up to [email protected](4096x2160)2K [email protected]/[email protected] resolution pictures and videos. The design completely complies with VESA DP1.2 Standards. It supports Dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.2 and 3D video.
ESSENTIAL FOR EXPANDING MULTIPLE SCREENS This DP cord is suitable for use with DP-equipped streaming devices. The multi-stream feature can expand your device to multiple displays. You can unlock new possibilities in computingdigital displaysand consumer electronics and feel both picture and audio qualities are dramatically enhanced compared to other standard DP cables.
SOLID BUILD AND STURDY DESIGN We combine a braided cloth cover with gold-plated ends and 4 standard QC programs to ensure a stable connectionunlike standard plastic/rubber cords without flexibility. Its easy to bend behind the monitor and the laptop as well as being resistant to tangling or knotting. You can have it rolled up to the length you want and keep the cord organized with the included Velcro strap.
VERSATILE AND MULTI-PURPOSE Its perfect for streaming your favorite videos and music to monitors or projectors from streaming devices or can be used to hook up your laptop to an HDTV. MEISO DP 1.2 converter cable means media content and games can be transmitted faster and more reliablywithout lagging or sound delays. This DP cable significantly improves the video or audio on not only 4K but also 2K and 1080P. You can save having to purchase another in the future.
24-MONTH SATISFACTION WARRANTY All DP cables purchased from the MEISO store come with a 24-month warranty. If your product turns out to have a defectplease contact us through the order detail page or our official contact information. We will reach out to you within 12 hours and help resolve any issue you have with the cable quickly.

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