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Tycka Field Filters Case for Round Filters Up to 86mm Belt Style Design Filter Pouch Removable Inner Lining and WaterResistant and Dustproof Design Black Filter Cases Black m8eCZ2hf6



  • Product Code:m8eCZ2hf6
  • Availability:In Stock

Water-proof and Dust-proof

Designed for safekeeping RoundSquare filters and Accessories.

Keep your filters away from unexpected impact while carrying around.

The exterior is made of Nylon Material. Water-resistantdustproof design provides full protection for your filters.

Removable Inner Liner

The interior Material is Flannelettewhich is soft and flexibility.

Detachable inner lining features individual layers for storing multiple filters.

Dimension of interior 120mm(L) x 110mm(W) x 40mm(H)it can hold up to 86mm (diam.) round filters.

Portable for Travel

Nylon Strap with Magic Tape Design.

Firmly secures the pouch to your beltbag or tripodmakes it more closer and handy for you to get your filters.

Nylon strap with magic tape firmly secures the pouch to your beltbag or tripodmakes it more closer and handy for you to get your filters.

Pouch lid is equipped with magic tap toowhich enables you to change the filter without barrier.

Compact size of 125mm(H) x 120mm(W) x 5mm(Thickness).

98g Lightweight Design.

The pouch holds up to 5 of your favorite filters.
Full Protection Water-resistantdustproof and light-weight design keeps filters safe.
Fast Changing Filters Specially designed pouch lid lets you easily fetch your filters from the bag while focusing on your shooting.
Large Space Removable inner lining doubles the inner space and provides convenience for cleaning.
Portable Design Nylon strap with magic tape for easily securing the bag to your beltbackpack or tripod.

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