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ESSLNB Beginner Telescope for Kids and Children 70mm Astronomical Refractor Telescopes MultiFully Coated Kids Telescope with Tripod Refractors Blue 6xFKD2h2K



  • Product Code:6xFKD2h2K
  • Availability:In Stock

  1. 70mm fully coated objective lens show you a clearerbrighter image even in a low light environment.
  2. Include two 1.25" interchangeable Kellners eyepiece ( K6mmK25mm ).
  3. Adjustable aluminum tripod is adjustable by 45 in the vertical direction and 360in the horizontal direction. Locks in solidlystays right in place for steady images.
  4. 45erect-image diagonal achieve erect imagesoffering you better observation than inverted image.
  5. 5X24 optical finder scope help you aim at target easier. The constellation diagram helps you find a constellation easily.
  6. Package List1 x telescopios astronomicos,1 xK25mm eyepiece1 x K6mm eyepiece1 x 45erectdiagonal1 x adjustable tripod1 x 5x24finder scope,1 x User manual,1 xprotective cover

Type Refractor

Objective Lens 70mm

Focal Length 360mm

Eyepiece K6mm K25mm (1.25")

Finder scope 5X24

Tripod Adjustable Aluminium Tripod

  • Please open the window when observing an outdoor target with an astronomical telescope indoors.
  • Refractor Telescope with All-Optic Glass Kids telescope with 360mm(f/5.1) focal length and 70mm fully multi-coated optical glass with high transmission creates crisp images increase brightness and clarity.Multiple coating design reduce chromatic aberration and distortion.This beginner telescope is a good Children's Day gift.
    Erect Image for Comfortable ViewingNormallyan astronomy telescope offers an inverted picture.Our 45erect-image diagonal prism with built-in reversing lens can achieve erect images.5X24 finder scope with mounting bracket help you locate objects faster and earlier.
    Powerful MagnificationThe terrestrial telescope uses 1.25 interchangeable eyepieces with the latest generation of Kellner eyepiece(K6mm,K25mm). 1.25 eyepieces is larger field of view than 0.965 eyepieces. Our eyepiece is made of metal which is much more solid than plastic ones.
    Large Objectives 70mm travel telescope for kids excels at daytime birding use as well as viewing wildlifescenery and casual nighttime observing of the moon.The larger the aperture isthe bigger the field of vision isand the clearer the image is.
    Easy to use Upgraded detachable tripod platform is quite easy to put it with telescope tube to the upside tripod head.Aluminium tripod is adjustable by 45 in the vertical direction and 360in the horizontal direction.Multi-directional observation allows you to better view the sky.Designed for the kids and astronomy beginners who are learning the science.

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